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Secrets Revealed with Nat Amoore

Love music? Play air guitar? Sing in the shower? Use your hairbrush as a microphone? Do all the above and as often as possible? Then you might just love Nat Amoore’s Secrets of a Rebel Rock Star.

Nat loves to write books about secrets; her debut was Secrets of a Schoolyard Millionaire, soon followed by Secrets of An Undercover Anarchist. She also has an exciting past - as a child she was a trapeze artist and had a pet kangaroo. Her books are just as exciting as her own childhood sounds, and she has a gift for tackling big topics with great sensitivity and humour. This is a story for music lovers and lovers of great books. Have a listen to what she has to say about it in the video below - but first, a quick review!

Without music, the world is nothing - it is simply blah. That's Mac’s take on life, and he is sticking to it. Mac has music in his life. His mum is a lover of rock music - and convinced that this is the only music listening to. (You can tell already where Mac gets his strong stance from, can't you?!) But Mac has a secret: he does love music, but he especially loves musicals. When he discovers an underground society for students who love musicals, he finds out that he can finally be himself and make real friends with the same passions. Then it is announced that the arts programme at Waterson Primary school is being closed down. Mac and his friends know they cannot let it happen and their plan, Watterson: The Musical, is born. This is an absolutely sparkling page turner of a book with wonderful wordplay, written with outstanding humour and love.

The Right Way To Rock and Secrets of A Rebel Rockstar are both available from all good bookshops. Our thanks go to Nat Amore for contributing this video to our blog, and her UK Publicity team at Oneworld Publications.


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