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Nice to meet you. I am Iris, the Armadillo Magazine Armadillo mascot. For the last couple of years my editors, Louise & Simon, have been using images of me created by the lovely Sarah Lovell, a children's books illustrator. Now that we are celebrating our 25th Birthday (quite a milestone isn't it?) we thought we would have a competition...

Yes, that is right, a competition, to give me a new look. Interested? Read more about it below... And thank you for stopping by for a peek!

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I was created by a friend of Louise's who is a whizz with a crochet needle. You see, after running the magazine for 10 years, and it being the magazine's 20th birthday Louise needed a gift. I came to life and to her house. She loved me so much she made me the new look for the magazine and here I am, in all my stripey rainbow colours.

As the face of Armadillo online I need to look good. I have been for the last couple of years, but I asked, now that I am 25, if I could have some extra special new looks designed for me...


I need page banners for each new edition of the magazine (6 a year), an image (some may call it an avatar) for Facebook, Instagram and X (formerly known as Twitter), I also need a Postbag Picks banner.

I am sorry that I won't be able to pay you for this work but I will be able to show off your artwork and hopefully promote your skills, if you are the winner that Louise & Simon choose. So how do you enter?

By 10th April Louise would like to have received an email from you, telling her a little bit about you, your background and experience. She will also need an attachment demonstrating your ideas for our 25th birthday banner look. If you have any questions at all please also email Louise with them - she is known for being very friendly and helpful (and she is a librarian!)

So, that is it from me, apart from saying Good Luck! Love Iris x

The Competition & some 'About Me' details!

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