Books to Keep You in Shape...

There is not a person, an animal or an animal/human in sight in this trilogy of picture books. So what are they about? And why, then, are they picture books? Let me answer the second question first. These are picture books because they contain pictures with a story is conveyed simply but strongly in the sparse yet bold imagery, realised by the imagination and palette of Jon Klassen. What are they about if not people, animals or a combination of the two? They are about shapes. Yes, you read that correctly. This trilogy does not have an overarching name but it begins with Triangle. Next comes Square, and finally Circle. Perhaps even more intriguingly, none of the books actually has a title

Chilling Winter Stories

Chilling stories are perfect to curl up with against a cold, dark winter evening! Here is a recommendation just in time for the longest night of the year... Three writers with a Welsh connection combine their talents in this collection of short novels, Three Strikes (Firefly). This trio of tales star plenty of mystery, the supernatural and emotion, certain to capture the imagination of YA readers. All three authors - Lucy Christopher, Kat Ellis and Rhian Ivory - have already proved their talent in earlier novels, and for those who don’t know their work this collection gives an excellent opportunity as a taster. Lucy Christopher’s story, The Darkness, is set on a tropical African island where

The Road to Winter: An Interview with Mark Smith

Hi Mark. I very much enjoyed The Road to Winter and look forward to the continuation of the story. Several questions emerged as I read and I’m really grateful that you’ve offered to answer them so that all our readers have the chance to find out more about how you approached writing the novel. Thanks, Bridget. I’m very much looking forward to seeing how The Road to Winter fares in the UK. In fact one of the first trial readers of the manuscript was the 16 year old daughter of a friend living in London. She loved it so I’m hoping more UK readers will too! I know you’ve written many short stories, but what prompted you to write a full-length novel, and propose a trilogy? The novel actually gre

All Creatures Great and Small

Ever wondered: What Do Animals Do All Day? Find out this World Wildlife Conservation Day in Wendy Hunt’s new book (Wide Eyed Editions), with pictures by Marijke Buurlage! Move around the world with this fully illustrated adventure featuring fourteen different habitats to explore; from coral reef to desert, jungle to savanna. Discover how every animal has its own special job to do that suits the place where they live, and how they work together in nature. Travel the world from the comfort of your own home, school or library, find answers to questions and be inspired to ask even more. Ready to learn more? How about lions next? After all, A Lion is a Lion, isn't it? But what if he happens to b

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