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Festival Time

It is never too early to plan your festival going for next year and if you are considering what you could do that is family friendly then look no further than Henley Festival Family Sunday. We were lucky enough to go along this year and well I don't know about the children but this adult had the most fantastic morning of fun and silliness!

...From the kindest, gentlest giant men in black I think I have ever seen...

Walking up the ramp, through the ornate entrance way we were greeted by the tallest burliest men in black I’ve known. The children loved them and demanded we had pictures taken!

...To the sparkles, face painting, animal balloons...

The children (and adults') excitement only grew as we stepped into a wonderland of potential excitement. They (we) were bubbling with enthusiasm as we were among the first to have our faces glittered before descending on the balloon lady. Requests for dinosaur shaped balloons were met with good humour and each of three children went away happily with their fantastic creations which included an axe...!

...Then came the costumed characters...

As we strolled and took in the various tents of potential and wonder we were assailed by two fling men on their bicycles, then we had the pleasure of not only meeting Phileas Fogg, and his assistant but of also helping them try to plot their route - once we all had the map the right way up of course!

The views...the river Thames shimmering...the mermaids...

Yes, the festival even had its very own pair of beautiful mermaids. Lolling on their deck chairs by the river and adoring the attention, before we were drawn away by a master artist who gave us the chance to create a masterpiece before we marvelled at the umbrellas art installation and dodged some wandering hedge ladies!

...Next we ventured into a big tent from which odd noises were coming...

It was performances on stage of Shakespeare's A MidSummer Night's Dream that had us rolling in the isles, there was a choir to sing along with and even a storytime. We sang, we danced, we enjoyed.

...We made sure we were fully decorated...

Face painting added to the joy of having been glittered and created big smiles before we decided to terrify ourselves on the fast fairground rides!


Venturing back for more activity we stumbled across the gorillas who loved their hugs (and their banana) before finding our very own treat with an ice cream and delicious veggie burgers. Sadly the morning had to came to a close. The memories will stay with us for a very long time.

A fabulous morning was had by adults and children alike and for a 10, 5 and 4 year old this had been the most magnificent memory-filled morning in a long time. The adults decided family day was a must next year and that they may just have to try the adult version too!

...The Photo gallery...

For now I want to share my gallery of photos with you to whet the appetites for next year ...

With thanks to @MidasPR and @HenleyFestival for giving us the opportunity to enjoy such a fabulous day!


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