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Where will Lightning Fall?

Amy Wilson has been described as a rising star. Stars come out at night, lightning can strike at any moment, it has struck this week with the publication of her latest book for middle grade, or as we like to call them in Armadillo HQ, Junior readers. Children aged 8-12 will love this book. Its adult readers here at Armadillo HQ loved this book, its reviewer (review below) Margaret Pemberton, loved this book.

What made us all fall in love with this book? Well ... it could be the beautiful cover - bright and vibrant with a dash of mystery. It could be Amy's wonderful way with words, her clear talent for weaving the very best stories and sharing them with us, it could be the magic gentle seeping from every page into each of us as we read. Whatever the secret to the magic that led us to fall in love with this book we are happy that it found us and that we have a chance to share it here with you.

Valerie has grown up in Lightning Falls, a town where the ghosts make a ‘living’ by haunting visitors to their property - The Ghost House but sadly all is not well and the house is becoming more run down by the day.

Valerie lives in the Ghost House, in Lightning Falls. She is a hallowed ghost. All of the other ghosts have a past that they can remember. Valerie has no memory of her past. The other ghost cannot eat, drink or sleep. Valerie can. All of them have found ways to torment any brave enough to visit the house and the visitors love it, coming in great numbers to be haunted, to enjoy the ghostly entertainment on offer every night.

In Valerie's' world there is another town. Orbis. The two do not meet, separated by a magical rainbow bridge, travel across is not advised. One night Valerie sees a young boy cross the old bridge to the house, but then he seems to disappear, he flickers away. Valerie has no idea who he is or what his coming into her life means.

When she finally finds him, it is to discover that Joe comes from a magical country called Orbis, on the other side of the bridge. He claims that Valerie is also from Orbis, that the Ghost House is not her true home. Valerie does however have many questions and with the help of Joe, her friend Meg and her inquisitive mind what follows is a roller-coaster of an adventure as dark secrets are exposed; villains are vanquished and families reunited.

This is an absolutely fast and furious adventure for middle grade readers that shows that there are many kinds of family and that we all need the love and support of those around us. Once again Amy Wilson has given us a truly enjoyable and very quirky story, where we can take nothing for granted. It is an absolute treasure of a book.

Thank you again to Margaret Pemberton for our fabulous review. Thank you for Amy Wilson for a fabulous book. Thank you to Macmillan Children's Books for publishing and for inviting us to be part of the #BlogTour

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