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There is a new book on the block and it comes from the fantastic pairing of Kieran Larwood and illustrator Joe Todd-Stanton. It is Dungeon Runners Level 1: Hero Trial and Simon Barrett, Armadillo web editor recorded the following interview with Kieran Larwood, so that we can all learn more about this exciting new series.


Simon's review...

Everyone watches Dungeon Runners.  Each week teams compete to be the first to exit dungeons created by Noctis, the mysterious mage, whilst the action beams live to audiences across the world of Zerb through the magic of eyebats and crystals.


Suddenly there is a space for a new team: Dungeon Running is not without its risks!  Kit, a gnorf – part gnome, part dwarf – desperately wants to win the trial, but first he needs to build his team. Kit is the fighter, so he needs to find a mage and a healer.


Dungeon Runners is classic fantasy, reviving the format of a disparate group of characters exploring dungeons for treasure and fighting monsters, through the excitement of a television game show, broadcast using the magic of eyebats and crystals rather than cameras and screens.  Our hosts, Dirk the Orc and Jenna the Giant, quickly introducing the concept of the story and commentating throughout.  Young readers will love this mash-up of genres.


Moreover, the main characters are real underdogs, making up for their diminutive size, poor equipment and limited skills with courage, friendship and team spirit.  So, there are some heart warming themes and good moral messages in the book.  There are also great comedic characters, such as Thorn, the vegan vampire, and plenty of silly slap stick, for example, when ceilings collapse.


Dungeon Runners is fast-paced, accessible and lots of fun.  As the title suggests – Level 1: Hero Trial – there are plenty more books to come.


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