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Dreaming Big

Dream Big, Little Leader is the board book hoping to inspire the youngest children to aim for their biggest dreams. Perhaps, it hopes, they can be the leaders of tomorrow. We need our children to have big dreams and aim high. We need to find ways to nurture and encourage their dreams, helping them to become a reality. This delightful board book by Vashti Harrison encourages little ones to look back to who has come before them.

First, they should reach for the stars - just as Mae Jemison, Bessie Coleman and Katherine Johnson did. Perhaps they might want to be bold, using their voices to be heard. They could use their skills in sport, to help others, or to be creative. Whatever they decide to do, and where ever they decide to go, this little book will inspire young girls to see that the world is theirs to explore - and, most importantly, to make a difference in. Share this book at bedtime, for big dreams that come before morning may one day become reality.

As much as we may wish and strive to become someone, to achieve something, to make a difference, it is important that we also recognise people who have actually dared to fail. There are plenty of true stories of those people who stepped up, aiming to make a difference, and on their first, maybe even second attempts, failed. But they didn’t let this stop them - rather they used it as a stepping stone to trying again. What better message can we give those children who want to think big but might be afraid of failure? Luke Reynolds has bought together a collection of true stories from those people who have managed to change the world, but only after having failed first. Steven Spielberg for example was rejected from film school whilst JK Rowling had refusals from 12 publishers before her Harry Potter books became a reality! With funny stories, great fact boxes and plenty of inspirational ideas, this is a book for teens trying to find a path that will suit them.

We went from the youngest to the oldest of our readers. Now it is time for something in-between! Junior readers will love Effie. Laura Wood’s character is just one girl - but she is one girl with a very big dose of determination, who has a great sense of self-worth and is certain that the student school council could most certainly be run better! Standing up to the school council president brings about enormous change and finds Effie with new friends, a new challenge and some hilarious undertakings! I loved this story, it is a feel-good, happy, positively bouncing off the pages and full of grit and determination.

Next comes a book about making big changes. The Little Book for

Big Changes is packed full of activities and tips for making the world a better place. Karen Ng and Kirsten Liemann have given thought to staying healthy, the power of literacy, using clean energy and even fair trade under the titles People; Community; Planet. The idea is to introduce children to ways in which they can make a difference. The book presents twelve ideas for making a difference, with activities to be completed and ideas for what to do next. This is a thoughtful book that would be a great companion to PSHE lessons at Key Stage 2.

Still on the theme of making a big difference, it is full circle and back to a picture book. This one has a superhero: Captain Green is determined that he will keep the world free from plastic pollutants. He has been out of superhero school for only long enough to throw his hat into the air before he is off, spreading his green beam and zapping pollutants. He is a true superhero; saving his friends, any number of sea creatures, and the world from the evil of litter. But he is just one superhero - so it is his message that matters. A message suggesting that we all, children and adults alike ,need to think big and aim bigger. We all need to make an effort to make our dream of a clean planet come true: we should all think green, think big.

Stefanie Dahle’s delightful new series brings together not only a cast of wonderfully creative characters but also an important message about how we can all take care of the natural world around us - and why we should. Evie is worried about her poor plants suffering with too much rain so she decides to take action. The fairy tree has no room, the woods are too dark and the pond too swampy – will Evie find the perfect spot for her strawberries? Will she remember everything she needs to ensure bright, plump and juicy strawberries can grow? ith charming illustrations full of expression and fun, this story really comes to life and will delight all who read it – perhaps inspiring them too.

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