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New Historical Fiction from Barrington Stoke

Barrington Stoke’s latest publications are three incredible novels, all based on true stories. An accessible story for readers of any age can be found in this trio!

Sophie Takes to the Sky imagines the first balloon flight of France’s Official Aeronaut (and one of the first woman aeronauts!), Sophie Blanchard, born 1778. Author Katherine Woodfine describes a little girl frightened of everything, only to overcome her fears by visiting a fair where she sees a demonstration of the latest technology innovation: a hot-air balloon. However, Sophie not only sees the balloons, but flies one too... Briony May Smith’s illustrations beautifully capture the scene and character of Sophie. Part of the Little Gems series, this story is suitable for readers aged 5-8.

Steve Cole tells the gritty story of an Indonesian boy, Tono, dangerously scavenging for the tin that is an essential component for so many of our electronic devices.Tin Boy highlights the dangers entire families endure in order to mine for tin illegally and the consequences they face: death, life-changing injuries, poor health and poverty. This fictional story reveals the real conditions of thousands of families in places such as the Bangka Belitung islands of Indonesia, where illegal miners continue to work exhausted mines, causing further environmental damage.This book is written for readers 8 years or older.

Poland’s WWII air force is honoured in Elizabeth Wein’s White Eagles. It is the summer of 1939 as Poland prepares for invasion. Twins Kristina and Leopold are desperate to win their wings. Kristina is first, but as Germany attacks, Leopold is drafted in too. This story is inspired by Anna Leska who was recruited to fly liaison missions and managed to escape to France where she joined the Polish Air Force. After France fell in 1940, she made her way to Britain and joined the British Air Transport Auxiliary, relocating planes for the Royal Air Force. This book is a story for teenagers.

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