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Rhyme Flies When You're Having Fun

Telling the time can be a real challenge! I know - I worked with children in Years 4 & 5 when Maths lessons were all about telling the time. It's not something they could easily master so it was wonderful to find Rhyme Flies, by Antonia Pesenti, landing on my door mat recently. But Rhyme Flies is not just about time; time is only one element. It's also about word association and a day of very silly and completely unexpected occurrences.

It looks simple enough: a bright, bold board book, not too flashy, quite chunky. Then you open the covers and it gets even better! There is an alarm clock, a perfect in

troduction to children to the objects we use when telling the time. Two simple words accompanied by a picture, but what’s this? There is a fold on the page... So, I do what any curious person would - I unfold it. Now I have three pages! 'Alarm clock', the picture repeated but this time with a crocodile and then the words ‘Alarm croc’ - what a fabulous rhyme and a great way to remember my first time associated words!

As my day progresses, I drink orange juice - or should that be an orange goose? Then I have sneeze on toast … whoops … I opened the flap too soon, should that have been cheese on toast?! I’ve been in the garden, digging with my fingernails that have now become finger snails!

Every page, every spread, will make you laugh.There are whimsy ideas and gross moments. Best of all, there is a little bit of everything which just goes to prove nothing can be taken for granted. This rhyming book is utterly charming, very silly and perfect for pre-schoolers and toddlers. It is never too soon to introduce rhyme, using it to build vocabulary and gain new skills. A stylish book, boldly illustrated and perfectly balanced.

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