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Happy Roald Dahl Day!

Today celebrates Roald Dahl Day, with readers worldwide raising money for his Marvellous Children's Charity or adopting Dahlicious Dress! Roald Dahl was many things - a fighter pilot, an MI6 spy, a chocolate historian (!!) - although he is best remembered as a writer. BUT he was more even than that. He was a brilliant writer. He continues to make children and adults alike laugh out loud at some very silly stories, making light of the horrible and prompting many a reader to squirm or think eeuuggrrhhh!

Now the very youngest of readers can enjoy his talent as Penguin Random House publish

#TitchyToddlers Board Books with Bite!

For the first time, Dahl’s books have been adapted for the very young. Enter two board books with flaps, a smattering of words and - most importantly - Quentin Blake's illustrations! These little books may appear simple at first glance. Delve deeper however, and you'll find that they retain their Dahlesque humour, their peril and their bite, too. How? Just look at Roald Dahl's Opposites: that elephant might well be the ‘right way up’, but what is that hiding under the bushes?! A boy may be taking a leap on the back of a frog for ‘leap up’ - but what is that little girl about to ‘crouch down’ to?


Don’t miss the fun of Roald Dahl's 1,2,3 either! This is not just a counting book - do not be fooled by its title … The two 'little chiddlers waiting for their friend’ need to watch very carefully for whomever may be hiding in the grass... Those ‘5 little chiddlers fetching coconuts’ need to be wary too, for that palm tree may not be all that it seems!

Brave hands can hold the books and maybe even lift the flaps whilst children can learn their opposites and their numbers in ways they won’t forget in a hurry! Share the book at storytime, bedtime or any time! Use them to start a new library for the little ones in your life and perhaps inspire them, too. Just remember to beware …

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