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A happy birthday blog ...

There are currently two certainties in my life, and I hope in yours too …

  1. I am quite certain that many of you reading this will enjoy cooking, or there will be a member of the family who does. If this is the case then do, please continue to read.

  1. I am quite certain that many of you reading this will have a soft spot for Disney and its characters, or there will be a member of the family who does.

If you have continued to read after point one, and point two scores a hit with you, then please continue to read.

Why, I am sure you are wondering have I started with questions about cooking and Disney? For the simple fact that not only is this blog all about Disney – did you know this year Mickey Mouse is celebrating his 90th birthday this year? It is also about cooking and enjoying time with the family.

Cooking, Disney, birthdays. A wonderful combination and what better place to start our celebrations than with food. Food brings people together. Food brings families together. Food unites us all – we think about it, we plan around it, we prepare it together, we share it. Memories are made with food. When the best-selling author of a cookery book named Simplissime (Jean-Francois Mallet) turns his hand to Disney: The simple family cookbook (published by ilex) there is almost certainly a guarantee of quality. I can assure you the quality is there.

This really is the simplest of cookbooks which makes it quite magical. Each and every recipe can be made with 5 ingredients or less meaning there is something in here for all. Each comes with a list of ingredients illustrated so all readers can share in the planning and a set of instructions that adults can read to children allowing them to explain why they need to do the dangerous chopping parts whilst their little ones can do the nice stirring parts. With over 1,000 recipes this is a very well researched book. Each is inspired by a Disney character – yes there really are that many – and they are healthy too.

For something healthy why not opt for Mount Olympus tomatoes or try Remy’s soup. A Friday night treat may find you assembling a Pizza planet special, add a splash of magic with Merlin’s pie or have fun with Lady’s pasta. Sweet tooth – try Pooh’s madeleines. There is a recipe here for every reason, for every taste and for every adult and child. Share the love of cooking, a love of Disney and a love of food. Bring the family together for quality time and cook up a storm.

Now keep hold of that love of all things Disney for the next treat I am going to serve up to you. Having kept you entertained with over 1,000 recipes to try out, create and cook now it is time to turn your hands – or those of your young readers and crafters - to the Disney ideas book from DK.

(images below

- Copyright © 2018 Disney)

Packed with over 100 craft ideas, activities and games to play this is guaranteed to provide hours of fun – not necessarily peaceful or tidy but fin none-the-less.

When I say not necessarily peaceful this is because there are activities such as the ‘Test your knowledge quiz’ that will have little ones running about testing themselves and anyone willing to listen! But perhaps you have a crafter? Encourage them to try their hand at making ‘Buzz Lightyear’s wings’ or a little on who doesn’t like bathtime? ‘Ursula’s bath bombs’ might just do the trick. Want to take them outside for some fresh air and fun, of course there are ‘Pooh sticks’ games to play for the whole family whilst older children may want to try their hand at making a raft … sink or swim but follow the instructions and all should be well – shouldn’t it? Some of the activities may require some adult supervision but adults – I defy you not to get stuck in when there is so much fun to be had and children will learn so much.

There is plenty to read, excellent instructions to follow and lots of step-by-step illustrations to accompany each activity. Then for a well-earned rest after all this fun and games turn back to the cookery book and whip yourself up a treat.

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