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Celebrating Mother's Day

I have just a small selection for you to choose from but they are all simply a delight to read (and share).

To begin, once from long-time Armadillo reviewer and author Dawn Casey. With illustrations from Oamul Lu the simple, delightful and classic Held in Love (Lincoln Children’s Books) is a celebration not only of the love of a mother for their child but also of our love for the world around us. Short and simple text belies a deeper and more meaningful story that is drawn out through combining it with the stunning pictures, capturing every word “within the world the hills are rolling. Within the hills a village is nestling” and so this is what we see and more. As we explore we see a world unfold, the world of a mother and child, from baby to schoolchild, home to family camping trip we follow a simple but meaningful journey of love. Simple, beautiful, evocative.

From the simple and elegant to the bright, bold and fantastic! Superhero Mum by Timothy Knapman with illustration by Joe Berger (Nosy Crow) is bright, bold and about superheroes – well Mums. However this is not your typical superhero book for this mum is a hero but in very subtle ways. This is the mum who always has a smile,

who rubs a bad knee better, who hunts high and love for the teddy to help you sleep at night, the mum who stirs and mixes to make … This is the everyday superhero mum who needs no special outfit just her very special gift – her children.

Quite simply a classic from the much-loved Shirley Hughes Mother’s Day (Walker Books) is a celebration of mums. Simply and elegantly told with sparse words, stunning illustration and a simple message of love a true classic to last a lifetime beyond the first mother’s day that you pick it up.

Just Like Mummy by Lucy Freegard (Pavillion) is a story of joy and humour. Here is a book about the love of a child for their mother as the child sees it. This little tiger wants to be just like mummy when she is learning about the world (see them visiting a museum), or life in the ocean (see them diving in the sea). There are times to be practical and times to be creative, importantly there are also times to get things wrong. There are moments of happiness and yet we see mistakes made too. There is much to learn for both mummy and child but at the end of the day who doesn’t want to be just like their mummy? A delightful story whose illustration in charming watercolour brings the whole thing to life.

Have you ever wished for some magic and sparkle in your life? Every wondered what it would be like to be a fairy, live with a fairy, have the chance to be a fairy yourself? Well now you can live the experience through Sophie Kinsella’s Mummy Fairy and Me (Puffin). It should be great fun having a mummy who is a fairy but when she is a fairy who doesn’t always get her spells quite right –in a rush using the speederidoo spell in the supermarket makes things go just a little too quickly, or when the breakfast milk has run out and the Milkeridoo spell brings a cow into the kitchen – then perhaps it is time for a little assistance? A very funny and heart-warming story about one mummy who tries her hardest to get it right and does, at times succeed, this is the first book of four short chapter stories in a very promising new series.

On mother’s day we give gifts to our mothers to say thank you to them for being there for us, but how about taking some time from your busy day and spending it with your mum (or mums with your children) and sharing a book about that very special relationship?

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