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It is Winter 2020 and Armadillo Children's Book Review Magazine continues to bring you evocative, powerful and honest book reviews, written by our wonderful team and shared with the world as part of our mission to introduce readers of all ages, from all nations, all backgrounds and all abilities to the simply splendiferous world of children's books.

As we publish this edition in early December 2020 it seem appropriate to share with you our Armadillo Advent calendar, a book a day to delight in and share as we all prepare for Christmas.

Armadillo Advent

We continue to be thankful to the publishing world for offering us exciting adventures ... reading new books, meeting their amazing creators and celebrating the vibrancy of children's books

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Louise Ellis-Barrett



Louise Ellis-Barrett, British Museum Librarian, part-time PhD student, book lover extraordinaire!

Web Editor

Simon Barrett, Secondary School Teacher of Religion, Philosophy and Ethics, serious about his reading and ice cream.

Blog Editor

Jess Zahra, English Literature student, dedicated Brontë and Carter fanatic, lover of big, dark sweeping tales!

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What is Armadillo?

Armadillo Children's Book Review Magazine is a popular and reputable quarterly publication with a strong presence on social media.  It continues to focus on reviewing the latest books published for children and young adults as well as featuring exciting new developments in the publishing world of childrens and young adult books.

Since its creation in 1999 by author and publisher Mary Hoffman, Armadillo Magazine continues to grow.  It is currently edited by Louise Ellis-Barrett. 

If you are interested in becoming a reviewer, then please contact Louise (armadilloeditor@gmail.com).

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