Happy Birthday Pooh - 90 Years Young!

Happy Birthday to the Bestest Bear in the World!

Bears love honey, Tiggers and Kanga’s love to bounce, Piglets are always just a little bit afraid, Owls are wise, Donkeys … well they can be a little glum at times but all are steadfast friends! No doubt all will recognize these features as belonging to characters from the much loved stories of Winnie The Pooh and friends and no doubt you will feel a connection to one of more of them. For me, whilst I do love honey, it is Tigger who tugs at my heartstrings.

This being the case I have a growing collection, made up of a variety of objects, from toys to books and much in between, of Pooh themed objects. The collection is now growing, with more books being added, thanks mostly to Egmont who in this 90th anniversary Pooh year are publishing a range of wonderful books to celebrate. October 14th was the actual anniversary so we are a little late but at least we were prepared and who says we have to stick to dates anyway? There is still time to plan your Pooh parties now, perhaps a picnic or two (weather permitting) and some games of Pooh sticks? Best of all though is to save as many pennies as you can, not only to invest in some of the wonderful books I am going to share here with you, but also for the exciting sequel anthology that Egmont have published…

Now to the books we have so far.

Starting with some individual storybook editions of favourite Pooh stories, charmingly issued in almost retro style hardback cloth covers delve into Eeyore Loses a Tail a story in which Pooh promises to help his friend find is lost tale. Pooh Goes Visiting regales the reader with tales of what not to do in the search for honey – the first and one of the most popular stories. Eeyore Has A Birthday demonstrates the fun that friends can have when they plan together whilst Pooh Goes Visiting makes us laugh when we see the result of one little bear overindulging. Piglet Meets a Heffalump teaches us that there are many things much better with two. Each of these is a charming story all about the importance of friendship told in a humourous and sensitive style and it is lovely to see them issues as little storybooks of their own to share and enjoy.

If you enjoy these little storybooks then you will probably also love the further adventures of Pooh and his friends which Egmont have published in a series of 4 books, again hardback and this time with paper covers, each a different colour making for a charming display on the bookshelf! Winnie-The-Pooh; The House at Pooh Corner; When We Were Very Young; Now We Are Six.

Younger readers are not left out of the celebrations either for there are some charming books available to them too, not only introducing them to the characters and world of Pooh but also to the joys of reading. Here Comes Pooh and Here Comes Tigger have been adapted from the original stories and made into board books with simple language, retaining the joy of the story but making it ideal for sharing with very young children. Also part of this special series, indicated by the covers with their distinctive spots and stripes, is What’s The Time, Winnie-The-Pooh? This board book with clock not only helps adults teach children how to tell the time but it also integrates the learning of time telling into each page of the story, closing with bedtime! Parents will love this … and children will learn.

For now, last but by no means least, comes Winnie-The-Pooh’s Pull-Out & Pop-Up World, a glorious bi-fold in a box to be pulled out and enjoyed presenting key locations from Pooh’s world and some iconic moments from the stories too. Take yourself, with Pooh and friends, to Pooh Sticks Bridge, London Zoo or revisit a fabulous moment from the stories, in short indulge yourself in your very own Pooh centered adventure!

A grand and growing collection of Pooh books and stories for all ages and for those, who like me, are most definitely going to need another bookcase for them all … just don’t tell my husband!

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