'This one tape had all these memories': Pop music, mixtapes and young-adult fiction

‘Pop music’ is a slightly ‘slippery concept’, partly because what can be considered ‘popular’ in any given period of time, is always changing. Generally speaking however, pop music can be viewed as distinct from classical music, or other styles of music which are deemed to rely on cultivated ‘listening skills’. It is a democratising form of music – in that it is intended to be accessible and of general appeal. It also typically stems from the ‘mood’ or zeitgeist of the contemporary period, and is usually associated with a younger listening demographic. There is a long-standing interdisciplinary connection between literature and music. "All art aspires towards the condition of music" the essa

Be You

Headlines present mixed messages on happiness among teenagers. Based on international and national surveys, it is claimed UK teenagers are mostly happy with life[1] and that 16 is one of the happiest years of our lives.[2] In contrast, some reports find young people have never been so unhappy[3] or least satisfied, suffering high levels of stress in addition to worries about their health.[4] The BeYou series of books might therefore offer teenagers some help and advice. Be You is a four book series encouraging young people to develop positive qualities of calmness, courage, kindness and happiness. This is an interesting positive focus on teenager well-being as opposed its more commonly addre

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