Oh, I do like to be ...

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside and other popular refrains will become all too commonly heard soon as children and their families embark on a summer of fun - for many, by the seaside! To sate some of the excitement, why not delve into a story or two first? For little ones, a chunky board book with flaps to lift and an adventure to follow could be just what is needed. Lois Looks for Bob at the Seaside by Gerry Turley finds Lois the cat hunting for her friend Bob the budgie behind the bucket, among the rocks, and even by the beach bag! This story is the perfect introduction into the interactive nature of books; a colourful hunt for a friend that presents many different elements of the s


Our earth is covered by both land and ocean. As humans, we live on the land as and we share it with all manner of creatures big and small. In some ways we also live on the sea – I for example live in the United Kingdom, an island in the sea. Beyond this lie the enormous oceans we see in pictures or from boats from planes as we travel. These seas and oceans are also teeming with life – sea life. Creatures big and small live here too, and it is some of their stories and homes that we are looking at in this blog with three ocean themed books. As always, these books are abounding with vibrant colour, telling wonderful stories or giving fascinating facts. But we should not take this or what the

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