Mind Models

Here's an intriguing idea: two seriously large non-fiction books for adults - The Chimp Paradox (Vermillion), and The Silent Guides (Lagom) - have been followed up with My Hidden Chimp (Studio Press), a children’s book on the same subject – also seriously large – looking at our own human behaviour and how we can control it. Professor Steve Peters is a Consultant Psychiatrist who specializes in optimising the function of the mind – in other words, making the most of we’ve got in our heads! Back in 2012, he wrote a book called The Chimp Paradox (the mind-management programme for confidence, success and happiness), and very popular it was too. Chris Hoy’s quotation, ‘the mind programme that he

From Strength to Strength

I’ve just finished reading Pebble, the sixth book in Julia Jones' ‘Strong Winds’ series (Golden Duck), largely set around coast of East Anglia. Each instalment has powerfully tackled some important social issues which affect all our lives. The first volume is the nautically-based trilogy,The Salt-Stained Book, appeared in 2011. It was inspired by Julia Jones yacht, Peter Duck, one of a number belonging at one time or another to Arthur Ransome. The Ransome connection extends beyond this; her parents knew Ransome personally and bought the yacht after his death, allowing their small daughter to read many of the Swallows and Amazons stories in the quarter-berth onboard which Ransome had original

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