No time to be board...

There's no time to be bored with these wonderful board books! How could you be when there are so many to enjoy – to hold, touch, explore and maybe read the words too. Board books give children of all ages the opportunity to learn to read; to explore the format and concept of books, to poke fingers through holes and even to lift flaps. For adults, board books are perfect; chunky and safe, a chance for very young children to explore their senses and also to learn – colours, numbers, words, sounds, feelings, it's all here! A delightful collection has landed on my doorstep in the last couple of weeks – testament perhaps to the growing confidence of publishers in producing these delights and to t

Mine, all Mine!

There are time when we all feel selfish, when we want something, no matter how big or small, just to ourselves. It may be the last chocolate, sweetie or slice of cake, it may be a few minutes peace or time to just finish the latest chapter of a book. Whatever the reason, sometimes we want to be able to say that something is 'mine'. All mine! Have you ever thought about having your very own city, your very own star or even your very own magic? Well you can have all three - in book form at least. And even more than that: through three very special books, you can learn to see and understand how sometimes having something for ourselves actually means we are sharing it with others. And there's

Books We're In Love With

Love is in the air! As our thoughts turn to Valentine’s Day and all its associated romance, it's also the time of year we look to the coming of spring, warming our hearts with hope as well as love. Love can come in many forms, shapes and sizes. Love can bring us happiness and sometimes a touch of sadness. Love is a crazy and funny thing, and to celebrate love well in books can be challenging for authors and illustrators - it is difficult to find a compromise between the overly slushy and effectively conveying the message of what love is and what it does for us. But here are some writers who make it look easy! Having said all this, it may seem at odds that I am about to tell you first about a

A Word or Two from Michael Rosen

Enjoyed Michael Rosen’s latest book, The Missing? Why not also try Reading & Rebellion (OUP) in which he is a co-editor of extracts from some long-forgotten children’s books from the early to mid-twentieth century? Those with a keen interest in the history of children’s literature will probably already know of Kimberley Reynolds, and may have read her fascinating book Left Out: The forgotten tradition of radical publishing for children in Britain 1910-1949 (OUP). Reading and Rebellion is an anthology of some of those works she highlighted, selected by two (unrelated!) Rosens: Michael and Jane. Michael and Jane are two lifelong readers (and current author or preserver) of radical literature f

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