Ancient Egypt

History may be the study of events that have happened in the past, but it never stops being a source of fascination in the present - nor does it ever cease to be open to new understanding, interpretations and methods of encouraging people to learn about it, interact with it and learn from it. One such period of history, ancient Egypt, continues to form an essential part of the Key Stage 2 curriculum for schools in the United Kingdom. It is a vast swathe of history still under investigation by archaeologists, Egyptologists (people who study Egyptian history specifically) and many others besides. There are television programmes, Museum exhibitions and of course publishing all of which centre


With the current trend in education recognizing the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills in children, there is a simultaneously growing trend for more books to support them in their formative years so that they may harness opportunities to build, explore, create and engineer. Hot off the press and not long since landed on my doorstep are three fantastic books which will engage children of all ages in their efforts to create. Brain Lab for Kids (published by Quarry and imprint of Quarto) has no less than 52 experiments to be tried and tested – perhaps one for every week of the year? The author Eric H. Chudler is nothing less than a neuroscientist! This

Today was a Fairy Tale

Many moons ago, we looked at Patricia Borlenghi’s Bloomsbury Nursery Treasury, published in 2011. That was a retelling of a variety of old favourites, and now, having founded her own imprint for children – Pudding Press – she has published another retelling: The Necklace.This time, Borlenghi steps aside from the well-known stories and brings a nineteenth-century fairy tale back to a modern audience, re-written for twenty-first century KS2 readers. Adapted from The Necklace of Princess Fiorimonde, one of a number of original fairy tales by Mary de Morgan in 1880, The Necklace tells the story of Lucy, the most beautiful girl in the world. Unlike most princesses in fairy tales, Lucy isn’t searc

A War Story

Another WW1 anniversary has generated another round of unique, poignant publishing. Books for all ages to read, books to give readers of all ages an idea, a sense, of what living through a war - on whichever side you may find yourself - might really have been like. The Button War by Avi introduces us to Patryk, who, at the age of 12, has never left his small Polish village. As a result, he knows very little about the world beyond. When one August day an aeroplane brings the war exploding into his peaceful life and his government fight the Russians for control, Patryk and his friends begin their own battle – for the best military button. What begins as a dare soon becomes a dangerous war of

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