The outdoor life

Spring is finally making a proper entrance, the days are longer and very slightly warmer, what better opportunity than this to get out and about, exploring the natural world and all that it has to offer? Fortunately for all book and outdoor fans there are titles to accompany your exploits and for those of you who thought books were only for the indoors now is a good time to think again - the following selection can be used as reference before and after an outdoor adventure and some during it too ... Learn, discover and be amazed at just what the natural world can offer and what it can do you for - just remember there is much you can do for it too. So when you are out there take care of it,

Spring has sprung (with a competition)

The Easter Bunny, chocolates, Easter egg hunts, crocuses and daffodils, the arrival of Spring … what traditions does your household love about Easter? I love the fact that we celebrate all that is bright, fresh and new in the world, the sun is usually shining, and we can all have a few days to have family fun time or just quiet time to reflect and enjoy the natural world. For me, and I hope for many of you, it is also a great time to find some lovely books to read and for little ones there is always a wonderful selection, this year being no exception. I failed to mention above another animal that maybe we don’t always associate with Easter but that we will begin to see as the seasons move f

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