Still time to get ... Wicked

Still thinking about competing to be this year's Wicked Young Writer? This week some tips from past winners to inspire your writing for this, any other competition or even just for pleasure ... To begin, a quote from a past winner (co-winner 11-14 category in 2012) and three times finalist Sophie Max ... “I credit the Wicked Young Writers’ Award with helping me find my voice as a writer and build my confidence. Having my winning story printed in the Anthology and read aloud by an actor from Wicked was a treasured moment. I have recently published my first book, lost and found, and I credit this award with being the first people to believe in me as a writer and so helping me to start this j

Love is in the air ...

Once more it is a Valentine’s Day and once more we are urged to share our love with those who mean the most to us. I admit I am cynical about Valentine’s Day – I always say that I share my love all year, not just on one day – yet … I do understand why it matters to make others feel especially loved and so if there are children in your life this could be a day on which you could share that very special love with them and what better way to do so than with a book. Share your love, share your love of reading and help them see why love matters, why reading matters and why they too can grow to love books. To help you along just a few suggestions … ​ ​In Words and Your Heart by Kate Jane Neal (S

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