Its Been A Busy (Reading) Week!

This week, with its mixed offerings of weather has been a perfect one for the allotment and garden, except that the rain has had a bad effect on my tomatoes meaning lots of green tomato chutney was planned until I found a recipe for green tomato jam – I’ll let you know the outcome! However this is not entirely unrelated to books and my weekly reading – bear with me – for as well as gardening and allotmenting I have been studying, again related to reading and unsurprisingly enough books that can be used with children, given to children, young adults and adults alike. To begin with the books that aided me in my studies … and the first one, not a book to read but a book in which you can create

Telling (Fairy) Tales with Pudding Press

Many moons ago we looked at Patricia Borlenghi’s Bloomsbury Nursery Treasury, published in 2011. That was a retelling of a variety of favourite stories, and now, having founded her own imprint for children – Pudding Press – she has published another retelling of a tale: The Necklace, which this time steps aside from the well-known stories and brings a nineteenth-century fairy tale back to a modern audience, re-written for twenty-first century KS2 readers. Adapted from The Necklace of Princess Fiorimonde, one of a number of original fairy tales by Mary de Morgan in 1880, The Necklace tells the story of Lucy, the most beautiful girl in the world. Unlike most princesses in fairy tales, Lucy is

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